Co-Curriculum Tours


Co-Curriculum Tours

The College provides a range of tours, including local tours and international tours.


Local Tours

Our Camp programs consist of two compulsory camps in Year 9 and Year 11. This is a 3 day journey filled with fun, challenges and adventure.


Year 11 Student Leaders have an annual camp. Dates to be determined throughout the year.


All Year 11's have the opportunity at the end of the year to trek along the Bibbulmum Trail for 5 days.  This is a life changing experience that no one forgets.



International Tours

Malaysia Tour

Every 2 years, our Indonesian Students of Year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia. Students are immersed into the culture of Malaysia for 10 days.  It isn't all just shopping and great food.  The most memorable part of the trip is the visit to the blind children's orphanage, the indigenous children in the villages and the local school visit.


Mauritius Tour

Every 2 years our Year 10 and 11 French Students get to travel to the beautiful Reunion Island.  This spectacular scenery accompanied with water sports, markets and the locals is a great way to practice French. The visit to the orphanage taking gifts is something not to be forgotten.


Bali Tour

This mission focused trip is run on an annual basis. Students are invited to participate based on their service towards others.  This tour is accompanied by staff and members of the Quinns Baptist Church.



Run every 2 years, the Eurotour is open to all Year 11 and 12 students in that year.  This two week tour commences in Munich, then to Interlaken, off to Paris, then to Amsterdam then finishing off in London. This tour has a history focus visiting many of the World War II sites throughout Munich and Amsterdam with a visit to the Battlefields in Belgium.





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