College Aim


College Aim

Our aim is to equip the students with the skills that will support them through life. Our philosophy is to provide a learning opportunity from each situation the students encounter that will contribute towards each student developing the strategies to face life's challenges.


We aim for all students to leave our College being able to:

•   Conduct themselves in a manner that is a credit to their family, themselves and the College

•   Respect and comply with the authority of those who are responsible for their care        

•   Demonstrate good behaviour that shows care and consideration for others                            

•   Show courtesy to all members of the community and the wider community

•   Comply with the expectations of the College.



Within the framework, students are encouraged to develop:

•   A love for learning and a search for truth

•   Initiative and personal discipline         

•   A deep sense of social responsibility                                                                            

•   Self esteem

•   An awareness of the personal existence of God.




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