College Fees


College Fees



2017 Fee Information

Quinns Baptist College is a low-fee paying Independent School.  The College's tuition fees are all inclusive excluding non-compulsory events such as Socials or School Balls and it does not include the cost of Booklists or Uniforms.


All students enrolled in the Primary School are automatically offered a place in the Secondary College.


The College offers discounts for additional siblings where attending the College simultaneously. The second child's tuition has a reduction of 20%, and subsequent children attract a discount of 40%. For families with children in the Secondary and Primary schools, the Secondary Students fees are at the full rate and discounts will apply to Primary Students. Pre-Kindy is excluded from any discounts.


A registration fee of $100 is payable upon registration. The registration fee must accompany a registration form and is non-refundable.


A confirmation fee of $400 is payable per family upon confirmation of enrolment in a calendar year. This amount is deducted from the annual fees in the first year. Once paid, this is non-refundable.


To view the fee schedules for 2017 click on the links below:


2017 Fee Schedule

International Student Fee Schedule 2017


Pre-Kindergarten School Application Enquiry 2017

Kindergarten School Application Enquiry 2017

Primary School Application Enquiry 2017 (includes Pre-Primary)

Secondary School Application Enquiry 2017

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To enquire further about Enrolments, contact the College:


Primary:                    Telephone: (08) 9305 8882

Secondary:                Telephone: (08) 9305 8808

Email:                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To view the Quinns Baptist College Handbook for families, click here.










Primary:             8:30am to 2:45pm


Secondary:         8:25am to 2:45pm


Office Hours:     8:00am to 4:00pm